Victoria’s play – The Mysterious Exhibition

The Mysterious Exhibition

(At home)

Victoria: I hope you are all done packing your bags! Mrs Maria will be here any minute now!

Socrates: Of course, we are! We are all ready for our big trip to Brussels.

Mrs Maria: Come on, guys! We'll miss our flight!


(after a 3 hour flight)

Marinos: I can't believe we're finally here! We've been waiting for this moment for months!

Mrs Maria: Let's collect our bags and head straight to our hotel. We have a big day ahead of us! First stop: the Horta Musee!

Victoria: I'm so looking forward to visiting the Horta Musee House. I've heard so much about it!


(at the Ampersand House)

Shaya: The tour guide told me that this was the house of a very rich man, Eric Donster. He had a very beautiful woman, Eliza  Donster. They didn't have any children because Eric didn't want kids. They lived in this house for many years along with Eliza's sister, Christine. Rumor has it Christine and Eric had an affair. Eliza was really clever, so she found out what was going on between her husband and her sister. She never forgave them.

Victoria: What happened next?

Socrates: Tell us more, please!

Shaya: I don't have a clue, guys. Let's ask Mrs Maria.

Mrs Maria: What are you whispering about? The tour isn't over yet!

Victoria: Mrs Maria, tell us more about Eliza! We know Eric had an affair with Christine!

Mrs Maria: Well, Eliza and Eric got divorced. After a year, Eric got married to Christine, but Eliza never left the house. She lived with them. After a while, Eliza started spending more time in the house and stopped going out. And then, one day, she disappeared! No one knows where she went! Now, let's carry on with the tour, shall we?

Marinos: Where is the tour guide, Mrs? I can't see him!

Socrates: And what about the rest of the group?

Giuliano: I'm afraid we're all alone here, Mrs!

Shaya: They must have gone through that wooden door.

Marinos: I can't open the door! It's stuck!

Victoria: Try once more, Marinos. I know you can do it!

Giuliano: Yes, you made it!

(the door is now open, they see a dark room)

Socrates: WOW! What is this place?

Giuliano: I can see the portrait of a young woman on the wall. I think it's Eliza's. We must have discovered her room, guys!

Shaya: You're right! The tour guide told me that Eliza was a very beautiful woman.

Victoria: And Mrs Maria told us that Eliza never left the house. She continued to live here, so she must have had her own room.

Mrs Maria: Let's go in and explore the room.

Marinos: Eliza was definitely lonely here.

Giuliano: You're absolutely right! The room looks so cold and scary! Look at all those spider webs and the dust on the furniture! I'm sure no one has ever come back here since Eliza's disappearance!

(Suddenly they see a white figure)

Socrates: Wh-wha-what's that?

Victoria: Oh no! It looks like a ghost to me!

(Eliza's voice): Don't be scared! I'm Eliza, but I'm not here to hurt you. I'm here because you opened the door and when someone opens the door I wake up. I want to help you find the tour guide and the rest of your group. I was a good person in life, you see. I helped the poor and anyone in need.

Shaya: So, what happened to you, Eliza?

(Eliza's voice): Everything they told you is partly true. No one else but me knows the complete truth.

Marinos: Tell us what happened, Eliza.

(Eliza's voice): When Eric and I got divorced, he didn't let me leave the house. He was scared I would ruin his reputation, so every night he warned me not to tell anyone about his marriage to my sister. I didn't know what to do!

Victoria: But, he was already married to Christine, right?

(Eliza's voice): Yes, that's right.

Socrates: So why come and threaten you? It doesn't make sense!

(Eliza's voice): Eric was a very famous doctor and everyone in the city respected his work. He was scared people would lose their trust in him.

Guiliano: How could you be married to a man like that?

(Eliza's voice): He wasn't always like that. When I first met him, he was generous and kind. Everything changed when he fell in love with my sister.

Marinos: What happened to you after all? Everyone says you disappeared!

(Eliza's voice): One night, I decided I couldn't take his threats anymore. I climbed out my window and ran as far as I could. There was a forest outside the city, so I knew I would find shelter there. Unfortunately, I didn't know the forest well, so I got lost and was never able to come back home. But that's all in the past, now. Let me help you find your way back to the exit.

Mrs Maria: OK then, help us!

(Eliza's voice): Go back to the room where you were. You'll see a door on your left.

Marinos: But there wasn't a door there before.

(Eliza's voice): There is one now.

Giuliano: Where has she gone?

Socrates: Quickly, let's get out of here and try to find the door Eliza told us about.

(the find the door)

Shaya: That's the door, guys! Thank you, Eliza!

Marinos: Thank you for everything you told us

(outside the museum)

Socrates: Wow, that was a real adventure!

Victoria: Who would have thought we would see a ghost? Thank you for bringing us to the Horta Musee Mrs Maria

Mrs Maria: You're welcome! I think this is an experience we will never forget, right?

Everyone: Right!