Writing about a myth I love – The Boy and the Nuts by Victoria

Once upon a time there was a boy who loved nuts! One day his mother took a jar filled with nuts and put it in the kitchen cupboard. Her little son saw his mum and asked her "Mum, can I get some nuts?" "Of course, my son" she said. She knew how much he liked nuts. Filled with excitement, the little boy put his hand inside the jar and took as many nuts as he could. He then tried to pull his hand out. But it wouldn't come out of the jar! Then he started crying. His mother got scared so she ran to him. "What happened, dear? I'm scared" she said. "I can't get my hand out of the jar" the boy said. "What?" She looked at his hand and smilled. "Why are you smiling?" he asked her. "Leave half of the nuts and you'll see how easily you hand will come out of the jar." she told him. "This happens to anyone who thinks only of himself and wants to have it all." his mother said and put the jar back on the top self again.


The myth teaches us that we must not be greedy, that is to want to have it all and try to have things as soon as possible!